• 1960

    It all began in 1960, when Carrols Systems was founded as a division of a larger Midwestern firm. At that time, Herbert N. Slotnick was granted the exclusive Carrols license rights for the state of New York. Under his direction, Carrols Drive-In Restaurants of New York became the largest and most flourishing franchise group in the System - and Carrols became the northeast's leader in the growing fast food field.

    Progressing through the mid-seventies, Carrols had grown to one of the largest regionalized fast food chains in the northeastern United States, with over 150 restaurants.

  • 1975

    In the latter part of 1975, Carrols made a major decision concerning its future growth and direction. Carrols entered into a franchise agreement with BURGER KING ® Corporation, which involved the conversion of a select number of Carrols restaurants to BURGER KING ® restaurants over a five-year period. Concurrently, the remaining Carrols restaurants (non-convertible locations) were phased out and became non operational.

  • Today

    Today Carrols owns and operates over 700 BURGER KING ® restaurants.